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Do you like TRAVELLING?

Are you looking for new travelling EXPERIENCES?

New places to EXPLORE?

Have you ever thought of building up your own holiday on line according to what you like most?

If your answer isYES, please follow me.

We are an Italian couple living in Salerno, a pretty city 200 Km. South of Rome.

We love travelling and for along time now we haven’t choosen “hotel” for our stays but an alternative accommodation in “HOLIDAY HOUSES” either in Italy or abroad.

Such accommodation makes us feel at home and it is more convenient , that’s why we thought of offering the same opportunity to other tourists who want to enjoy their holidays at liberty and according to their own needs and habits: You CANRENTour recently rebuilt house in Salerno


Because it is a small, pretty and quiet city

Because its climate is mild all year long

Because it is situated in an extremely important place for your
cultural and nature sightseeing.